Carabiner (1 each)
Carabiner (1 each)

Carabiner (1 each)

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Oval screw lock carabiners allow you to rig an aerial silk or lyra with a swivel or both sides of an aerial hammock.


Material: Steel

Color: Silver with red screw lock

Size: 2.25”W x 4.25”L

Weight Limit: EN362 certified safety rated 25kN (2500kg or 5600lbf)

Weight: 160g each

Safety Information:

Never cross load your carabiners, connected points should always be on the long axis of the carabiner. Always close and lock your carabiner before use. Always inspect your hardware before use to look for any wear and tear. Retire the hardware immediately if it does not lock correctly or have the same shape as when you first used it.


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